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I’ve got a new project in the works … 😁

Any guesses?? 

Pictures at Piccola

Hey Friends! Jason and I are hanging my art at Piccola Cellars in North Bend  🙂 It will be up through the end of the month. If you are free tomorrow (Friday 12/2) we’ll be at the winery showing my art, drinking their wine, munching on cheese and hanging out. Stop by and say hi!

Good Friends

Quick Pre-T-Day Sketches

Some quick sketches I did this week to relax from the holiday crazies. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Night Circus

“People see what they want to see. And in most cases, what they are told to see.” – The Night Circus.

This piece was so much fun to create! My friend, Miranda, challenged me to make something using her image of a tight rope walker. I had some circus ephemera laying around and had been looking for a way to use the clowns and seal that were drawn by my late grandma. I found out about two years ago that my grandma had been a bit of an artist and, while I felt some pressure to do her justice, it was really exciting to use her work.

This, along with the rest of my collection are up at Sigillo Cellars in old town Snoqulamie through the rest of October.


Hangin at Sigillo!

My art is up at Sigillo Cellars in old town Snoqualmie! If you feel like having a glass of wine, be sure to come check it out. Personally, I’m fond of their bubbles 🍾 I’ll have my paintings up through October and will be participating in the River Arts Tour on October 15. Stay tuned for more details. 
Happy fall!!

New Exhibition, New Art!

Next week, I’ll be moving my art from the Snoqualmie City Hall over to Sigillo Cellars! I’ve been working on a few new pieces that will be on display. Here is a sneak-peak at my latest. It’s a work-in-progress, and I’m very excited about where it’s headed. I’ll be showing the month of October at Sigillo, so be sure to stop by. I plan on having a reception too, so keep an eye out for more details 🙂 Happy Fall!!img_7552

Dive Deep

My newest completed piece: Follow Your Bliss – Dive Deep. This is my first time working mixed media on canvas instead of paper and I really enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be doing a few more like this. Working on a larger area was different and presented new challenges. The only real downside is I can’t pack up and work outside the house. Otherwise, it was nice to focus on the bigger picture more than minute details.

My other pieces will be up at City Hall in Snoqualmie through September if you are in the area and want to take a look 🙂

Dive Deep
Follow Your Bliss – Dive Deep

Showin’ It All In Snoqualmie!

My art is up! I’m so excited 🙂 Come take a look at the Snoqualmie City Hall for the next three months. Jason helped me prep and hang 10 pieces, and they look great. My thanks to Jason, Pam and Marie for helping me crest this next level in my art-venture ❤️

Almost Ready: City Hall Exhibition

For the past three weeks I’ve been preping like crazy, getting ready for my first public exhibition! My work will be on display at the Snoqualmie City Hall for the summer. I’m excited, nervous and a little frazzled, but so thankful to have this experience. Here are a few of the pieces I’ll be showing. I finished up the last of these

Personality 18x24
How do You Embody the Full Expression of Your Personality?
Truth 18x24
See Your Truth, Speak Your Truth

over the weekend, sent them in for printing today and just bought a whole set of frames. Next steps between now and Friday: install mounting hardware, put art in frames, hang frames at venue, have a glass of wine and relax 🙂

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