Hi! I’m Robin.Me and Dog

I’m a passionate journalist, painter and writer. My art is a mixture of watercolor, acrylic, paint pen, pencils, crayon, collage and anything else that happens to be in my path. I love colors. Vibrant, bold, deep, intense and evocative colors call to me. I make art for myself, as a way to express what I can see or feel and not say. I like to think that we all have an inner voice that wants to be heard and, most of all, nurtured. This is my journey to stop squashing that voice. Starting with a blank page and coming away with a story is an amazing thing. I hope my stories speak to you. Whether it be in a soothing song, confused mumble or maybe even a loud crack in the face, I hope you hear something.

Thank you for looking at my site. Have fun!