To Horn In Or Not?


Horn In Full

My journal is now complete. Totally finished. It’s a bittersweet feeling, but I have to say, I’m glad it ended on this note. One of my favorite pages in my journal is the one here, on the left side of the image. It’s titled, “Good Friends Feed Your Soul.” It was a lot of fun to create and makes me smile when I look at it. The flap on the right, which covers the words of the other piece gives it a whole new meaning. “To Horn In Or Not” takes Good Friends from an intimate, first person like setting, to a third person observation.

I think we’ve all felt like we were out of the loop at some point. We see people talking, laughing, sharing a moment in life and can’t help but be a little envious. For me, it often depends on where I’m at, how I will react to a situation like that. Sometimes I’m jealous or even annoyed to see other people having a good time when I may not be. Mostly though, I’m happy to see people making the most of life. Being among friends is a privilege. When I experience that first-hand, as in the Good Friends piece, I try to remember that there are people around me who may want to join my circle, and that I should practice open and welcoming eyes. When I’m on the other side of the page, I remind myself to feel glad that sometimes, it’s ok to be your own best friend for a minute. Either way, enjoy the moment.

Horn In Single



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