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Tree Nymphs, Underwater Adventures and More New Art!

It’s been a whirlwind year; I got married, my brother moved in, my parents moved back in-state, my nephew and cousin were born, I finished my certificate program for graphic design … Life’s been full of fun and exciting times. All these great things make finding the time to make art difficult. If I’m tired from work, I’m not motivated. If I have other activities that day, it’s hard to keep my energy up for art. If I don’t have my favorite headphones at the house … well, you get the idea. But despite all that, I’ve managed to complete a few new projects that I’m really proud of. And my motivation to practice my art, writing and design skills is higher than ever 🙂tree nymphs with sig

Tree Nymphs is a canvas based on an idea that just wouldn’t leave my head. I love being in the woods. Picturing myself sitting at the base of a tree is my favorite meditation spot. I imagine sitting in the nook of a large, smooth tree root and, if there’s something I want worked out, I just have to open the door to find out how to get. This piece turned into a group project as my family helped me scour magazines to find just the right collage pieces, which makes the end result very special.underwater adventure with sig

Making art on canvas still presents some challenges for my process, resulting in longer work time and keeps my studio (aka my dining room table) messy. In contrast to that medium, I went back to working in a journal for a quick piece. That’s where Underwater Adventure came forth. I spent just a few hours on this piece and, while the two mediums are similar, it was refreshing, satisfying and somehow less scary to get something down quickly. I painted and collaged in one day, embellished and wrote in another. Within the week, my “studio” was clean. Keeping my space clean makes me happy and opens up my mind for more projects. I’ve been hesitant to do art in journals because they aren’t easy to show, but if I look critically at what makes me happy, maybe it’s time to accept that it’s not all about what will show well. Maybe I’ll be able to find time and space for both … Sometime.

New Art on Display!

My newest art pieces, some of which I haven’t even shown on the site, are on display at the Black Dog Cafe in Snoqualmie. I’ll be having an opening party soon, so keep your eye out for that. Be sure to stop by and check it out!FullSizeRender

Charity Auction

Children are amazing artists. With their unbridled creativity and scope of imagination, they can come up with the darndest things. This September, The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas,, is hosting an awesome charity event benefiting Seattle area kids in the arts. BFI has paired adult artists with student writers to created a visual and narrative collaboration. I’ve donated two of my pieces and can’t wait to see how the kids interpreted them. They will be auctioning off paintings and accompanying poems Wednesday, September 13 at the Historic Washington Hall in Seattle. Tickets are $30 and, if you register early, use coupon code “EARLYBIRD” to get $5 off. There will be snacks, beer, wine and lots of amazing art!

Tickets available here!

art auction

I’m back!

My new project. I’m really excited 😊 

School Projects

It’s certainly been a while since my last post, and for that I’m sorry. But, I’ve been busy on a new project … 🙂

I recently enrolled in classes to get a certificate in graphic design. Hopefully, this will help transform my love for making art into a more lucrative platform. So, to show that I really have been hard at work, here is a peek at some of the projects I’ve been doing for school. Definitely not my usual style, but I’m learning a lot and know that these new skills will bring my art to a new level.

And never fear, more art pieces are currently in the works with updates to follow in the next few days!


Which Way Is Up?

I thought this piece would be finished a while ago … but I just couldn’t decide which direction to hang it. Which way is up? So, after letting it sit for a while, I came to the realization that there just isn’t an answer! I polled people who’s eye I respect, and the results were mixed. I guess that’s the lesson from this one: Sometimes we may not know which way is up, and that’s ok. Maybe I can get Jason to build me a rotating mount for when I show this piece 🙂

Closing Show at The Black Dog

Art, alcohol and acoustic entertainment sound like an exciting Thursday evening? Then head over to The Black Dog in Snoqualmie for my closing show! I’ll be there around 5:00, March 2nd, hanging out with my original journals and works-in-progress. I’ll also have unframed prints available for a discounted sale. Live music starts at 6:00. Friends, family and kids are all welcome. As an added incentive, below is a sneak-peek of my newest, nearly finished canvas painting 😉

See you there!


Work in Progress
Art on display at The Black Dog



Don’t Fear the Freaks

“Freak” is a thorny word for me. It has many definitions, some of which I don’t mind (the green-hued sunset was a freak occurrence) and others which make me cringe (just look at that freak). It can describe a plethora of things or events – that movie freaked me out! Those penguins were gettin’ freaky at the zoo.

There’s an argument to be made that people have a certain amount of power over how words affect them. Can you take back the power of a word by claiming it as your own? Gloria Steinem brought this question to the forefront when she tried to take back the C-word.

While my battle with my F-word may not be as socially raucous, it brought up some interesting emotions for me with this piece. Social media and the news are brimming with angst, anger and fear. My response to distance myself may seem passive to some, but using this small F-word as my metaphor, I’ll say this: We all have the power to define words any way we want. I choose to focus on the pleasant attributes of the world by using the positive power of words. While some may use freak in a hurtful way, I will choose to use it in its most zany, surprising and enduring senses. And that starts with not being afraid of this piece of thorny lexicon. So cheers, friends, to not fearing the freaks! freak-show

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