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Which Way Is Up?

I thought this piece would be finished a while ago … but I just couldn’t decide which direction to hang it. Which way is up? So, after letting it sit for a while, I came to the realization that there just isn’t an answer! I polled people who’s eye I respect, and the results were mixed. I guess that’s the lesson from this one: Sometimes we may not know which way is up, and that’s ok. Maybe I can get Jason to build me a rotating mount for when I show this piece 🙂


Wildflower Wine Bistro

Remember that project I started a few weeks ago? Well, I finally finished! Wildflower Wine Bistro is a great place to have a drink and some great food, and now you can see from the street where to find it 🙂 Kim and Denise have selected some amazing local wines that pair with their delicious Greek-inspired cuisine. Located between the Moose Lodge and Pioneer Coffee in North Bend, be sure to stop by next time you’re in town. Oh, and maybe check out the signs too 😉wildflower-sign

Night Circus

“People see what they want to see. And in most cases, what they are told to see.” – The Night Circus.

This piece was so much fun to create! My friend, Miranda, challenged me to make something using her image of a tight rope walker. I had some circus ephemera laying around and had been looking for a way to use the clowns and seal that were drawn by my late grandma. I found out about two years ago that my grandma had been a bit of an artist and, while I felt some pressure to do her justice, it was really exciting to use her work.

This, along with the rest of my collection are up at Sigillo Cellars in old town Snoqulamie through the rest of October.


New Exhibition, New Art!

Next week, I’ll be moving my art from the Snoqualmie City Hall over to Sigillo Cellars! I’ve been working on a few new pieces that will be on display. Here is a sneak-peak at my latest. It’s a work-in-progress, and I’m very excited about where it’s headed. I’ll be showing the month of October at Sigillo, so be sure to stop by. I plan on having a reception too, so keep an eye out for more details 🙂 Happy Fall!!img_7552

Dive Deep

My newest completed piece: Follow Your Bliss – Dive Deep. This is my first time working mixed media on canvas instead of paper and I really enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be doing a few more like this. Working on a larger area was different and presented new challenges. The only real downside is I can’t pack up and work outside the house. Otherwise, it was nice to focus on the bigger picture more than minute details.

My other pieces will be up at City Hall in Snoqualmie through September if you are in the area and want to take a look 🙂

Dive Deep
Follow Your Bliss – Dive Deep


My latest work in progress. Being able to see through the cloud and realize your truth is hugely important. Then, once you realize that truth, stick to it and speak it into existence. That’s how you make your truth real. 

Variations on a Theme

A few weeks ago, I did a sketch of this lady of the sea. I’ve played around with her a bit, trying out a new water color palette and paper. I’m also working on another rendition of this lady in one of my journals. Have ideas about her story? Post them below 🙂Lady SketchLady watercolor final

Happy Birthday, Miranda!

Yesterday was my friend’s penultimate birthday before she joins the 30-and-over crowd.

Everyone has an opinion about the annual tradition of recognizing your own birth. Some trumpet the celebration of life; others dread the inevitable encroachment of “old age”. Most of us likely fall somewhere in between. I find that as I write more and more death announcements (part of my day job), I’m reminded how genuinely lucky we are to see each year pass. I’m not trying to stealthily ascribe guilt or imply you aren’t making the most of your life; who needs that crap? No, I’m simply stating a fact that, every year, I choose to feel appreciation for another chance to make myself, and hopefully others, happy.

I believe wholeheartedly that age is relative. In many ways, I’m younger today than I was at 18 or 28. I’m also aging, and that’s got its perks too (hello house stocked with wine). I try not to participate in the phrase ‘what would I give to be __ again?’ because A) it doesn’t matter cause it aint gonna happen, and B) I wouldn’t go back and do it again for anything. We are who we are and simultaneously who we choose to be. I am and choose to be the me of right here and now: artist, brooder, lazy athlete, wine enthusiast, dog person, friend …

Tea Quote
You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. -C.S. Lewis

The painting I did for Miranda which speaks her mind to a T.

Spoons Front

Some cute spoons I decorated in Miranda-approved colors.

Christmas Canvases

Sawyer's Painting Edited
We got no troubles, life is the bubbles under the sea
Stars Night canvas
I have loved the start too fondly to be fearful of the night. – Sarah Williams

These are two canvases that I painted for Christmas last year. “We got no troubles, life is the bubbles under the sea” went to my nephew in Charleston. My brother, his dad, is in the navy, so my nephew’s room is aquatic themed. “I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night” went to one of my dear friends.

This was my first real foray into canvas, and I was surprised by some of the difficulties I encountered. I like to work with paint on brushes and paint in pens, and I found that the roughness of the fabric made a big difference in how the paint took compared to paper. I learned I needed to mix more paint than I would have assumed in order to get the appropriate amount of coverage to avoid small white spots. I also had to use more brush strokes which, as the paint started to dry, gave me more streaks than I would have liked… Things to consider for next time. These were both painted with acrylic paint as the primary base and I wonder what difference watercolor paint could make?

I’ve been working on another canvas painting for quite some time now. I’ll post pictures of that work in progress to keep myself motivated to, you know, progress 😉


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